This Blog


So, my name is Christian and I live and work in Denmark. This is actually my second attempt of a blog and I’ll try to fill it with guides and thoughts about all kinds of stuff. This will mostly be concerning Linux (preferable Arch Linux), physiotherapy, and rambles about life in general. I hope you enjoy what this site has to offer, and as you most likely can see (read), English is not my native language. Therefore, this blog is also an attempt to train my English as much as possible.

My credentials? Hah! I started studying physiotherapy in 2010, and finished my masters in 2016. My linux-skillz are more newly developed since I started around May 2017. I’ll blog about both and probably other subjects as well, but this blog was created for one sole purpose, to make an end all guide for installing Arch Linux. Why? Well, Arch is the basis of many of the things i want to blog about and has also been my motivation to start this blog.

Well – Enjoy.