New content pending!

New content pending!

Hi! So I just started this blog and boy, this has taken way longer than it should have. As you might have guessed I had a sudden urge to write short and perhaps longer tutorials about Linux and other stuff. My first post will be an as-short-as-possible guide to installing Arch Linux. It seems everybody has the idea that it is super complicated to install Arch, and well, it is. Therefore, I would like to contribute with a super short and comprehensible walkthrough to get you going. Hopefully it will work out and people will be happy. Or else I have my own goto guide – oh yeah!

As I’ve probably written elsewhere, English is not my native language and therefore, this blog will not only be a place for guides but also my very own training ground for writing and explaining myself in English. Spelling errors and grammar in general will be abundant.

Pending content can be found here. Please comment if you have any suggestions or questions.